VERSION ONE: Thomas Javier Castillo (he/him) is a Pocho filmmaker, media artist, and wannabe DJ and Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film and Bowling Green State University. His short films and videos explore identity, sadness, and memory with visual tropes of melodrama, masks, alter-egos, and the human figure within human-altered landscapes. His current work as DRENONEX explores the narrative and critical potential of the intersection of small-gauge filmmaking with iteration, audio and video synthesis, loops, graffiti, beat-making and Instagram. He is actively seeking the perfect part-time job, preferably in the gourmet sorbet industry.
VERSION TWO: The "dilettante artist" known as DRENONEX makes middle-of-the-road, forgettable domestic dramas. His aspirational areas of interest include low-budget film distribution, martial arts films, beatmaking, hybridity, urban space, projection mapping, science fiction, and pre-cinematic motion and movement, but mostly he makes kinda cheap low-fi stuff and creates his own frilly little soundtracks.