Projection Mapping Installation, Documentation, and Original Music. 

This is documentation of a large-scale public projection mapping installation at the Bowling Green State University Arts Extravaganza event on December 6, 2013. The project was part of the Cinema Optique exhibit, a collection of work that resulted from a collaborative course with Film and Digital Arts students co-taught with Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo. The projection surface was the 250 foot long Wolfe Center south-facing wall. 
In this projection, wanted to explore some very basic visual issues in color, surface, and depth perception: Essentially, how an image that appears to be a single object or element can actually be constructed from multiple elements on multiple planes. It was an okay result that I think is hurt by the too-quick timing of the animation and the fact that I never quite grasped how shadows should appear on a projection surface. They need to have some color other than black in order to really show up in this medium. In any case, I was extremely happy with scale and variety of the overall Cinema Optique show, though I would like to consider how narrative can work with a specific space or surface.